Unit 1 Greetings and Introductions - HOMEWORK

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 Unit 1 Greetings and Introductions - HOMEWORK Empty Unit 1 Greetings and Introductions - HOMEWORK

Post  Alex on Mon Sep 29, 2014 7:07 am

1. Give yourself an English name (if you don't already have one) DUE: NEXT CLASS.

2. Record a 1 minute self-introduction on your phone.  Include name, home-town, reason for being an English major and an interesting fact about you.  Use appropriate greeting and introduction phrases from pages 126-7. DUE: NEXT CLASS.

3. Vocabulary Recording.  Recite and make a sentence for each word on pages 140-145. On average it is about a page a week! Not very much! These are the most basic of English words, I expect most of you to be familiar with these words anyway!  For example, for the word "Tidy" you could record “Tidy.  My room-mates have never kept our dorm tidy. Tidy.”  DUE: 14th November. Please send it to your class monitor and they will send it to me.

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