My most unforgettable birthday

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My most unforgettable  birthday Empty My most unforgettable birthday

Post  angel_yu on Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:13 am

My birthday is Feb.8th(new calendar Very Happy ).I post it ahead of the passage in case you wanna know,lol.(Just kidding)Ok,let's get down to the topic.My most unforgettable birthday was my 18-year-old birthday.Indeed, I don't celebrate my birthday every year,because sometimes I even forgot it.And I began to celebrate my birthday when I was 12.That the first birthday held in my family, unbelievable,uh? Yeah,it's true.After that, my parents celebrate for me ever since that.And when I was 18, they drove for about two hours to my school  and just sent their birthday blessing to me.I almost cried at that time, when I saw them,I felt so warm.Sometimes, the real love and care is more than everything.That feeling are still turning over my mind.I love my family so much.

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