Why We Chat is so popular?

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Why We Chat is so popular? Empty Why We Chat is so popular?

Post  11106011008 on Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:27 pm

We chat is a software for us to chat with others.Be compare with QQ,we chat has some new functions. First of all, it is completely free, and support the android, symbian, iPhone smartphone platforms such as cross-platform chat. Furthermore, micro letter means a lot of friends, can through the phone contacts, QQ friends, to check the attachment of people and "shake" four way add buddy, better than QQ friends means a lot. Finally, micro letter chat mode is also very strong, even if no weak contrast QQ, how much, speech to the group chat, video image expression send support. Such a chat mode diversity, dating methods in a wide range of mobile phone software, how may not welcome.
That is the reasons why we chat is so popular in our lives.

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